We devise and implement ecological regeneration experiences for students which align participants to wider environmental aspirations of external organisations.

Facilitating self-directed learning among students and creating the space for them to forge meaningful relationships is key. We maximise experiential immersion for the participants, both in the classroom and out in the field. Being involved in positive change at individual, community and ecological level provides tremendous morale and inspiration for those who participate in these projects.

Projects inspire the following:

Authenticity: projects bring participants in touch with the environments they live, and allow them to directly engage in regeneration of ecosystems.

Collaboration: between students, communities and the wider ecological community)

Leadership: projects are student-led and allow students to guide their own interactive experience, in the classroom and in the natural environments where the projects take place.

Awareness: projects nurture awareness of ecopsychological principles: that our actions have consequences upon the wider ecological community. Increased awareness is channeled into manifesting creative and vital solutions to remedy the detrimental side effects of ecological imbalance.


We offer nature connection guidance in ways to suit you. We cater for varying group sizes (one-to-one, couples, groups) and for one-off or ongoing requirements.

Forest bathing style connection gatherings are beneficial for attendees of all levels of fitness. These gatherings are choreographed to allow participants the opportunity to connect to nature mindfully, in such a way as to maximise awareness of the experience with minimal physical exertion. Sensory awareness techniques are incorporated, with techniques first explained and then practiced.

Active style connection gatherings cater for attendees who enjoy exerting themselves. In these gatherings, sensory awareness techniques are incorporated within longer hikes. These offerings combine the physical invigoration of tramping in nature with the deep nature connection benefits of the more gentle gatherings.

All of BEsimplicity’s nature connection offerings seek to inspire authentic connection through sensorial awareness. This leads to increased sensitivity and appreciation of natural rhythms and patterns, and an expanded sense of ecological interconnectedness, wonder and awe. Increased well-being, relaxation and contentment are likely; previous attendees have noted experiencing rejuvenation similar to when attending a yoga or meditation class.


Individual, social and environmental flourishing are galvanised by recognising and acknowledging our ecological and psychological interrelatedness and interdependence. How we relate, with ourselves, in community, and to the natural world has inevitable impact.

Workshops offered by BEsimplicity incorporate a rich knowledge and practical experience of mindful awareness in nature, contemplative education and ecopsychology to facilitate deeper awareness and sensorial connection.

Community connection workshops are popular, with tailor-made workshops available to cater to your group size and situation. Whatever the workshop, attendees are given the space to talk and listen, to speak and be heard. Workshops are designed to maximise awareness, compassion, empathy and collaboration, all fundamental for nurturing a thriving culture.


Team immersions combine nature and community connection practices for increasing cohesion and authenticity for businesses and groups. Attendees’ experiences gained partaking in the immersions are influential on an individual level, and can truly transform your team culture and the way they work together.

We provide a structured immersion for your members to connect and refresh. This invaluable time together increases cohesion and cooperation and promotes individual and group flourishing.

Our programmes are carefully choreographed and structured to engender connection and cooperation. In addition to ecopsychological benefits provided in BEsimplicity’s other offerings, these immersions also provide opportunity to increase well-being, confidence, and morale. Naturally, provide a relaxed and inclusive space for the voices of all of your team to be heard.

On completion, your team will know each other and themselves better. They will be tuned to a mindful and creative way of being, with a range of techniques to take away with them on completion.


Nelson, New Zealand