A two hour nature connection experience

Sunday, September 5th, 2021


$55 (including tea)
LOCATION: Brook Waimārama Sanctuary, Nelson
Sunday, September 5th, 2021


$55 (including tea)


A 2 hour nature connection experience


This ecotuning experience gifts you with 2 hours of absolute disconnection from your usual everyday routine and obligation.

You will discover practices which attune your senses to nature, both within and around you.

You will experience first-hand how authentically tuning with the natural world nurtures wellness and soothes your mind and body.


Simply being in nature stimulates a tremendous array of wellness benefits.

Tuning to the natural world has the capacity to reinvigorate, to reawaken, to catalyse a ecopsychologically aware state of being.


What’s covered in the 2 hour session?

Sensorial activation facilitating profound exploration of nature

Authentic communication techniques for community connection.


Expected participants

Individuals seeking well-being and personal growth through nature connection.

People seeking to develop their repertoire of holistic contemplative methods.

Those seeking community connection with like-minded people.



NOTE: Maximum 10 attendees, book early to secure your place.