10th April 2022


New Zealand Standard Time (NZST)

AWARENESS                               WELL-BEING                               RECIPROCITY

What is ecopsychology?

From an ecopsychological perspective, a pervading sense of dualism within our culture has numerous implications, including but not limited to a perpetuating sense of separation of individuals from the ecological systems of which they are a part.

One aspect of ecopsychology focusses upon the impact of time spent in the natural world on people. Indeed, research have shown a wide range of benefits to be garnered from contact with nature.

For sure, increasing time in nature and awareness of practices to facilitate authentic connection (ecotuning) are imperative, and an integral aspect of the ecopsychology project. Nonetheless, in an era in which environmental disintegration is rife, focusing only upon human benefits strikes as somewhat selfish. Awareness and motivation to enhance and rejuvenate planetary well-being and health is vital.

What is ecopsychology?

Re-examine your own relationship with the natural world.


Engender eco-centric ways of being.


Help create a world in which human and other-than-human can flourish together






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