The Holistic Value of Nature Connection


Close your eyes and relive some of the moments you’ve spent in nature: the calm, the wonder, the energy, the revitalisation…

Whether a walk in the forest serenaded by a tumbling brook, or time spent on the beach with our toes stretching out among the ocean infused sand; most of us know first-hand the benefits of such excursions. We are inextricably connected to the natural world.




In addition to personal benefit, connection with nature can facilitate a growing awareness of the value and intrinsic worth of the natural world beyond our own individual selves. Indeed, it has been shown that we are more likely to care for and seek to enhance places we frequent when we connect to them at a deeper level.

Importantly, the choice is ours: it is within our power to restore clarity and health, both for ourselves and the rest of nature. This applies not only in the way we use our free time, but as a consequence of the consumeristic decisions we make; examination of our routines and ways of living can guide us to make changes that will positively impact the health of our ecosystem. Contemplating and gaining understanding of the reasons why nature connection benefits us can be empowering for this process.